Vrihat Vat Chintamani Ras (S.Y.)

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NAME OF MEDICINE :- Vrihat Vat Chintamani Ras (S.Y.)

CLASSICAL REFERENCE :- Bhaishayaratanavali-Vatarogadhikara


Each tablet of 100 mg contains:

Swarn bhasma (Calcined gold). Mukta bhasma (Pearl), Praval bhasma (Coran)-12 mg (each of the above ingredients), Rajat bhasma (Calcined silver), Abhrak bhasma (Calcined mica)-8 mg (each of the above ingredients), Lauh bhasma (Calcined iron)-20 mg, Rasa sindura (Red sulphide of mercury)-28 mg,

Bhavnarth dravya:

Kumari swarasa (Aloe barbidensis) QS, for mardana.

DOSE :- 100 to 200 mg to be taken twice in a day with water, milk or honey or as directed by the physician.

INDICATIONS :- Useful in all the diseases related to nervous system like neuritis. peripheral neuritis, paralytic conditions, sciatica, backache, vertigo, delirium & all other diseases related to vata dosha disorders.

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