Sangyahud Bhasma

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NAME OF MEDICINE :- Sangyahood Bhasma

CLASSICAL REFERENCE  :- Rasender Saar Sangrah


DOSE :- 125 to 250 mg to be taken twice in a day withwater or as directed by the physician.

INDICATIONS :- Renal stones, Dysuria, Renal colic, Burning micturition.


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1. Calculated the quantity of the drugs mentioned under SAGYAHOOD BHASMA in text reference and original formula mentioned in the master formulary for the required batch and quantity.
2. Accurately weighed and tested the drugs from the raw material store and cleaned them.
3. Sangyahood was heated till red hot and cool it down with specified kwatha for 7 times as mentioned in the text.
4. Shodhit sangyahuood was grounded well with specified drug in a khalva yantra and allowed to dry. The process was repeated 3 days after which small cacricas are prepared, kept in sarav samputa and subjected to laghu puta.
5. The cacricas was then taken out of the sarav samputa, again grounded well in the khalva yantra till the achievement of required quality of bhasma (rekhapurn bhasma).
6. Withdrew the sample for testing and after testing the batch, the bhasma was released for packing.
7. Sealed and labeled the bhasma in well cleaned plastic bottles which was already cleaned as per their SCP (Standard Cleansing Procedure).