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CLASSICAL REFRENCE  :- Bhashajyaratnavali-Raktapittarogadhikara.


Each tablet of 500 mg. contains

Sukshmaila (Elettaria cardamum)-12.80mg., Tejpatra (Cinnamum inners)-12.80 mg., Dalchini (Cinnamum zeylanicum)-12.80mg., Pippali (Piper longum)-51.25 mg., Mishri (Sugar candy)-102.55 mg., Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra)-102.55mg., Khajur (Phoenix sylvestris)-102.55 mg., Draksha (Vitis vinifera)-102.55 mg., Madhu (Honey)-Q.S. for mardana.

DOSE  :-

1-2 tablets or  as directed by the physician.


Useful in dry cough, cough induced by tuberculosis, hoarseness of voice, Epistaxis, Haemoptysis, pyrexia,  Nausea, Vomiting & dryness of mouth.


To be taken twice & thrice in a day with water or milk. Can also be used as chewable tablets or use as directed by the physician.

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1. Calculate the quantity of the drugs mentioned under ELADI VATI in AFI-I (12:3) and as per master formulary record of the pharmacy for the required batch and quantity.
2. Accurately weigh the tested drugs from the raw material store, clean them and then pass through 20 and 30 mesh to discard foreign materials. Now again weigh the drugs and adjust their weight loss according to master formula.
3. Clean the Pulveriser as per SCP (Standard Cleaning Procedure).
4. Coarsely powder the drugs of the above mentioned Yog.
5. Fresh khajuras mentioned in the Yog are boiled in the water after which it is allowed to cool and the seeds are separated. The remaining ingredients of khajuras alongwith draksha and madhu are poured into the mixture machine alongwith the coarsely powdered drugs and pounded well for two days till the homogenous mixture of the above ingredients is formed.
6. The uniform mixture is then taken out of the mixture machine and small quantity of ghrit is added in the Yog to prepare a mass of the above mixture.
7. The mixture is then shifted to the varti making machine and passed through it to form the vartis for the handmade pills.
8. The pills are then placed in a transparent tray and allowed to dry in the sunlight after which they are shifted to the polishing machine to get the required luster of the pills.
9. Take a sample for testing and after testing the batch, the pills are released for packing.
10. Seal and label the pills in well cleaned plastic bottles as per GMP mentioned in D & C Act 1940 and the rules made there under.


a.)Colour:- Black

b.)Taste:- Sweet

c.)Smell:- Fragrance of Phoenix Sylvestre